How Our Journey Began

Welcome once more to My Nerdy Pet. I wanted to incorporate a blog into the website so that you could get to learn a bit more about us, our pets, and our lives.

I’d like to start off with why we started My Nerdy Pet. My husband and I have been attending a local anime/geek culture convention called Connecticon for about 10 years now. While there’s always cool stuff and a lot of great Fan Artists, we’ve come to that age where we really don’t have a desire for another cute plushie. Or room on the walls for comic inspired prints or figurines. I wanted something that I could show off. Something that I could share, so I thought “Hey my puppers is a nerd. Why not something for him?” So I went searching but alas there was nothing. Now don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of great Star Wars stuff at the big chain Pet stores but that’s about it. What about Zelda? What about Dr. Who?

At this same Con, I attended a panel hosted by some of my favorite people. The Super Art Fight guys ( are a fantastic group. Jamie, in particular, lead the panel entitled “Just F*ckin’ Do It.” The whole premise is to encourage others to do the project or pursue the dream that they’ve been thinking of. Want to start a web-comic? F*ckin’ do it! Want to learn guitar? F*ckin’ do it!

Want to start a nerdy pet company?

You see where this is going. I left that Con with the encouragement I needed. I certainly had the inspiration at home.

So this is where our story began.

Pictured above is our inspiration. Our puppers Captain Malcolm Reynolds or Mal for short. And our beloved kitty, Mut (Moot) or Kittums, who sadly past late last year

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